What is Shared Hosting ?

From an abstract point of view, shared hosting is like living in a multi-tenant apartment building. You only rent one apartment from the whole building in which you will live and which will be your personal space. But if the neighbors make a noise, you will hear it, and if the neighbor above you floods you will have to change your wallpaper … ie. somehow share the joys and tribulations (mostly) of the neighbors.

With shared hosting, you will have your own place on the server, which will depend on the hosting plan you choose. With this plan, you will share the shared resources on one server – RAM, CPU power, network connectivity and bandwidth, speed.

shared hosting

What does it take for a person who wants to create a new site? Basically a lot of things. But we will start with the basics – domain and hosting.
A domain is the name of your site. For example, you want to make a company website or personal blog and have opted for a domain name that is free to register. For example, myfirmnamewebsite.com or myblogname.com. You buy it.

So far so good. Now you need to get a web hosting for the domain. If the domain is the name you reserve on the internet space for your site, then hosting is where it will be hosted. The place is located on a server or servers that have direct access to the Internet. This is where all the files related to your site are stored. This is the home of your web site.

Which hosting plan you choose depends on how much space you have for your site, how quickly it will open from other users, how much more site you can store in the same place, and more. et al.
I also share with you the definition of hosting posted on Wikipedia for more information on this – Wikipedia Hosting

Since there are many types of hosting plans, and each hosting company provides different features for a particular service, today I will look at one of all available on the market, namely, shared hosting. I start with it as it is the most chosen hosting by the users and has the lowest prices compared to other hosting services.

As you can guess from the phrase itself, shared hosting is a shared site that is provided to many users. That is, if you decide to buy a shared hosting plan, you allocate a certain amount of space to a shared server, which is just for you, and all other resources such as CPU time, RAM, and more. you share with other users of this shared hosting on the same server.

For example, if one of the shared hosting users on a server where your website is hosted uses too much CPU resources, you, as well as other users of the same machine, will experience a slower quality of shared hosting slower loading your pages.
This is a disadvantage of shared hosting, but its use has many advantages, the biggest of which is its low cost. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting.

Hosting Parameters

The most important parameters to keep in mind when choosing a shared hosting plan are:

  • Disk Space (SSD),
  • Traffic,
  • Post Boxes,
  • DataBases – MySQL, PostgreSQL,
  • Domains – additional, parked, subdomains,
  • Security – SSL, SSH, secured directories, blocking access,
  • Software and Application – fail manager, FTP, filters, cron jobs, statistics,
  • Automatic software installation
  • SEO and marketing tools


  • Low price
  • Professional server support.
  • You are not required to have professional server maintenance skills.


  • Resource constraint – each user on the same hosting plan sharing a server with you uses the same memory, CPU (processor time), and hard drive
  • You can only use the available installed software on the server provided by your hosting company and you cannot install your own.

However, first of all, before choosing a web hosting plan, you need to understand what your business needs. If you are a user with a small website, a small online store, a blog, a promo website that you do not expect to have a lot of traffic, then shared hosting is the right solution for you.

If you need more resources, independence and control, if your business is entirely dependent on your online presence, and you make a lot of visits, you have a lot of data traffic – for example, an online store with a large number of products, an enterprise resource planning system, and more. , then you need a more expensive and more serious solution for your business, such as Virtual Server (VPS), Leased Server or SSD Cloud Hosting, which only NS1 provides in Bulgaria with 100% SSD disk space.

For many people, a shared hosting plan is the first logical choice. Even if at some point you find that you have already grown your business and you need a lot more resources online, you can always go to another plan that meets your specific requirements.

If you are interested, which shared web hostings to use I’d recommend you a2 hosting or bluehost

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