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Video Thumbnail Maker App ($67 Value)

Exclusive Bonus #3-Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)

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Campaign Cloner Software – Commercial License ($497 Value)

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#11 Boost Your Website Traffic

boost your website traffic

#12 Internet Marketing Metrics

Internet Marketing Metrics

#13 Internet Marketing For Business People

Internet Marketing for business people bonus of Video Dashboard

#14 WP Facebook Webinar Pro

Facebook Webinar Pro WordPress plugin bonus

#15 WP Profit Page Creator

wp profit page creator bonus with Video Dashboard

Video Dashboard Overview

If you struggle with getting traffic, which is one of the most important things in a business, in some cases the most important or looking for a video creation tool, a tool which the same time leverages the best social platforms out there in order to grow your business and research your market.

These are all the amazing things, which Video Dashboard is available to do.

Vendor:Paul Ponna
Product:Video Dashboard
Launch Date:2020-Feb-11
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $67
Link To Video Dashboard:

What Is Video Dashboard ?

VidoeDashboard is filled up with a lot of groundbreaking first-to-market technologies, which makes easier for anyone to Research The Trending Market Pulse, Make Stunning Videos, and Receive Traffic from the hottest social platforms. 

The first one of a kind tool, with which you will be able to creaft stunning videos, research the market, but not only that, also to get massive traffic on demand from the best platforms in the internet.

This is the first time, you will be able to take advantage of the rapid growth and the eastablished platforms, when we start from: Reddit, Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin , Medium, Dailymotion and the most one, which will get very popular and it is getting TikTok. All from one all inclusive dashboard. There is no other software, currently ont he market that leverages these new platforms for example like TikTok, Medium as well as Reddit and all the other, that we mentioned.

Video Dashboard review

It is a very unique technology, which is very suitable for newbies and marketers of all levels and start using it. Now, you might say, but I can do videos with other tools and you are right, or just get traffic with some tool, but this one is different, because has a lot of features not only video creation.

Video Dashboard combines the multiple unique technologies in it, so you can take the maximum out of it. Another great thing is that, it is at a very affordable price.

By using the commercial license of it, you are able to sell the videos, you have created to clients or by providing services at freelancing sites for like $300, $400, $500 every of it, or you can offer traffic generation services to your clients for as much as you want.

So, you can apply the unique features, which are being offered either for yourself, for clients or for both.

Features Of Video Dashboard

Automation #1 Trending Market Pulse Finder…

trending marketer pulse finder

The creatos’ first one of it’s kind “Market Pulse Finder” technology craws the internet and goes through MILLIONS of social/video posts every minute in order to find the CURRENT hottest, most high converting and trending content online for you.

No matter of the experience, you have this will give you the hottest market trends out there plus viral content, hashtages, keywords and contenr for the social posts from Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and Instagram, everything inside one dashboard.

You don’t need multiple apps, to feel confused, or to spend spend alot of hours trying to understand what people are talking about online and what they are interested in.

You will be able to instantly create videos related the trending topics/niches, start ranking higher on search engines by taking advantage of the trending hashtags, kind of modeling their content/social posts/videos on viral content, which is already receiving tons of views!

Absolute beginner now are able to be competition of the big guys by taking advantage of this revolutionary trending market pulse finder, which is based inside the Video Dashboard.

Automation #2 Content Calendar With Done-For-You Video

content calender

You will have avaialble templates for the whole year, so you don’t have to worry about creating the videos, if you don’t have idea. You can use the fully filled content caleder, which has pre filled video content for the whole year.

Just publishing those done for you videos on the social medias in order to build a personal connection with the audience you have to improve your brand and engagement.

Another thing about is that you can customize the done-for-you videos the way you want your own logos, text, images and more!

Automation #3 Ready-Made Video Templates  For Seven
Social Media Platforms…

ready made video template

Another great thing, you can create amazing videos for whatever social platform in just minutes by using the ready made 100% customizable templates for videos.

Just changing images, text and backgrounds, then you can add your very own logos or call to actions. No matter what you need, you can make it in the built it video creation dashboard.

Creating beautiful videos for the biggest platforms out there like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linekdin, Facebook and another one, which will get even bigger than those TikTok, so you will have a very big chance of going viral.

The other advantage is that, you will save money and time, so you will not need to deal with hiring animators, designers etc. You can create unlimited videos with 0 experience from your side.

Automation  #4 Traffic Automation In Order To Publish Your
Videos/Content To 11 Different Platforms

traffic automation

Get a lot of free organic traffic, without having to pay for ads. The ability to turn every video into a traffic machine by publishing instantly to the 11 of the best social platforms in minutes. You have a lot of flexibility, immediate syndication or you can schedule for later date.

The all inclusive traffic dashboard can schedule the videos to the best, hottest and most in demand social, video platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, , Linekdin, Reddit and TikTok.

Currently, there is no other application available that can syndicate sucha wide amount of platforms in just ONE dashboard. There is no other tool, that can compare to what Video Dashboard offers, furthermore at a one time price.

The Creator Of Video Dashboard

The creator of this powerful softwares is Paul Ponna. He is an successful Online entrepreneur as well as a SaaS(software as a service) app developer. He has helped and still helping many businesses by providing similar powerful tools like Video Dashboard.

Creator Of Video Dashboard

Video Dashboard Upgrades, OTOs

OTO1: VideoDashboard Whitelabel Upgrade ($97 One-Time)

Completely whitelabel the tool with your own logo and branding.
* So you will be able to Sell and get 100% of the profits.
* Make UNLIMITED whitelabel accounts. 

* Management all your client social accounts from one dashboard/sub-account and publish to 11 different social platforms. 

* Offer full-service brand management services and charge a lot of money for your services using their built-in brand manager. 

* Whitelabel solution includes access to: 

i) Social Video Calendar mixed with 365 done-for-you videos.

ii) Template bank to craft videos very easily for multiple platforms already resized for the specific social platforms.

iii) Done syndication suite to syndicate your videos to 11 different platforms including FB, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, and Reddit. (The biggest syndication suite available in any app)

OTO2: 100 Premium Templates + VideoRemakr App ($67 One-Time)

i) 100 additional premium video templates – made Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.
* Templates are resized for the specific platforms so you don’t need any additional editting.
* Customization of the the templates, add logos, change text and more!

ii) Access To vidRemaker App –
i)  Video Repurposer: Convert every video to square videos, meme videos and all the popular social media video formats , which are proven to get more engagement, clicks and sales!
* Create extra long videos with no length limits.

* Make old and boring videos a lot better with ower third, emojis , text effects, and more cool features.  

ii) Merge Videos:
* Merge multiple smaller videos created with the app or your old videos and make a long video.
* Create sparkling new long videos from short royalty free clips.
* Repurpose videos from youtube and create a unique video.

iii) Video Speed Changer:

* Speed up or slow down videos , so you can make them more captivating. 

* Shorten long videos into smaller videos with no need losing quality.

If you have longer videos this is a very simple way to make video shorter.

OTO3: VideoDashboard Social Portfolio Site Builder ($47 One-Time)

* Create as much as you want personalized portfolio sites to showcase all your videos / social calendar.
* Customization for the site for the client with their logo and a personalized message to convert visitors into paying clients.
* Built-in conversion technologies – features a powerful sales video, which helps sell your social media and traffic generation services. 

* Can as much as you want sites for UNLIMITED clients. 

OTO4: VideoDashboard Deluxe Interactive Videos ($37 One-Time)

 Interactive Videos – Make amazing and engaging interactive videos with links, optin-forms , buy buttons, and call-to-actions.
* Time Triggers – Showcase the call-to-actions at start, end or at any time stamp in the video.
* Content Locking Technology – Built-in to make visitors to take action and boost traffic, leads and sales.
* Magic Share URL – Share the interactive videos on any social media platforms or emails so you can maximize your results.
* Personalization – to add additional custom messages, logos on the Magic Share page in order to get higher conversions!

What Does Video Dashboard Makes For Businesses And You?

Minute-to-Minute Market Trends and Niche Research – SOLVED!

Creating High-Quality Videos For All Social Platforms – SOLVED!

Traffic Generation By Using advantage of All The In-demand Social Platforms – SOLVED!

Commercial License To Resell Videos/Traffic Generation Services To Earn TOP DOLLAR – SOLVED!

How Does Video Dashboard Work ?

Let’s take some looks inside of it.

The Dashboard of Video Dashboard. From here you can navigate everything, you need.

the dashboard

Copyright Free Videos. When you click the youtube icon, you will get all the viral youtube videos, that you can use on other social platforms.

youtube videos

Reddit trends

reddit trends

Insta Search. You can see all the trending hashtages and pages on instagram, so you can model it on TikTok for example or all on all social platforms.

insta search for viral content

Social Calendar of Video Dashboard. You have 365 videos for you already made to use them, if you don’t want or don’t have idea what to use. They all have the potentioal to go viral, especially on TikTok.

social calendar

Example Video From The Calendar. You can edit the video or use it like it is and share it on whatever social platform you want.

certain video

Edit Section Of Video

edit your video

Schedueled Posts. In Video Dashboard, you can schedule the posts days, weeks or months ahead and they will be posted for you automatically.

scheduled posts video dashboard

Upload Video

upload video from the dashboard

Schedule Options

share a post of videodashboard

Share the post on whatever social platforms, you want

Template Bank. You have ready made templates specific for the different social medias. There are a lot for every one of them.

video dashboard reviews

Bonuses, You Will Get, If You Buy Video Dashboard through my link

In order to get the bonuses of Video Dashboard, you must have purchased through my link, then , message [email protected] and the bonuses will be delivered to you till 24 hours.

Make sure to buy before the timer at the top of tage has expired.

#1 Boost Your Website Traffic

boost your website traffic

#2 Internet Marketing Metrics

Internet Marketing Metrics

#3 Internet Marketing For Business People

Internet Marketing for business people bonus of Video Dashboard

#4 WP Facebook Webinar Pro

Facebook Webinar Pro WordPress plugin bonus

#5 WP Profit Page Creator

wp profit page creator bonus with Video Dashboard

Conclusion About Video Dashboard

If you are looking for traffic solution, but also amazing video creation with ready made templates and trending market researcher plus the more things inside, Video Dashboard is the right All In One business tool. If you don’t like it for any reason, you have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Video Dashboard




Customer Support




Is It Worth



  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Bonuses Available, If You Buy Video Dashboard through my Link.
  • Creation Of Amazing Videos
  • Rapid Growth Of Popular Platforms.
  • Massive Traffic For You.

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