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Youtube videos are literally everywhere, embedded in millions of sites already, but what, if you have the option to monetize them through putting ads on them form a wordpress plugin.

You will have the chance to monetize them through affiliate marketing and a lot of other ways, so you can make additional income. Vidadz will give you this opportunity, if you have been looking for a way to do it.

On the front end, usually you have two options :

  • Vidadz Single License: $22
  • Vidadz Unlimited License: $27

The difference is that you can install the single license on only one of your wordpress sites, while the unlimited license allows you to install it on multiple sites. You can decide, which fits your needs.

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Vidadz Overview

Vendor:Netplus Systems
Launch Date:2020-Feb-29
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $22-$27
Link To Vidadz:

What Is Vidadz ?

Vidadz is a brand new pwoerful tool, that gives you the chance to show ads inside your youtube videos and make visitors who watch your videos click on your ads and get you sales and commissions.

The plugin allows you to promote the products you want your by displaying ads or as pop-ups inside the YouTube videos. The first thing you do is filling your sales funnels, market affiliate products, brand your message, demo, your product or services.

You are able to Monetize, literally every video, even you can embed videos that are not yours in your site and monetize them.

The whole process is just from 3 steps, which makes it not complicated at all.

vidadz review

You can create ads for any CPA Offer or affiliate offer you want and you also have templates to use. You are able to promote your own product or service, so you can start getting sales and commissions, when someone watches your video.

Displaying your ads inside of embedded video is something that only this plugins currently does, which is unique.

As mentioned you can use/embed the videos of other people on your site with banner ads.

Free Banner Templates

You have the ability to import the banner you want from of your own or from your affiliate networks.

You are able to use or edit the banners, but there are also available for you some amazing templates and you can choose from around 12 templates and edit them if you want and choose which one suites your products the best way in order to sell or promote.

There will be also regular updates of the plugin, so it will be upgraded overtime.

The plugin is extremely easy for usage, even if you are a beginner in this type of stuff, furthermore there will be training and guides, so you can start using it.

They have dedicated help site with documentation and guides also a support ticket system along with a quick average time-to-first-response and 100% satisfaction rate.

How Does Vidadz Work ?

vidadz reviews

3 Extremely Easy Steps

Step 1 Uploading the banner and add link to the product, either affiliate link, CPA offer etc.

Add Banner

Step 2 Make an ad and add it to the YouTube video you want and generate a shortcode.

Create Ad

Step 3 Copy your shortcode then insert the shortcode into a page or a post.

Output ad

As mentioned they have developed Vidadz, a plugin that will insert the ads in a similar way that YouTube does it, very successfully and in a profitable way.

The plugin is proven to work, because Embedded videos are important and you are able to ad in video overlay ads in a way that YouTube does their videos.

You are able to display ads on the videos while the video plays and point them to the affiliate offer or CPA offer, own product you want to make profits. It’s a very good way of making some additional income. You can also collect leads or for some other purpose.

You can check a quick demo below.

Features Of Vidadz

As you might know youtube videos are everytwhere, they are embedded in around 16 million sites and this means, the potential to make money with them with this plugin is huge.

You are able to
  • Instant boost your traffic also generate more money every single day.
  • Monetization of every single video on your website or websites, if you are with the unlimited license and have control of your sites.
  • Receieve free ads space, which are proven to convert high in any place of your website.
  • Save money instead of spending on ads.
  • Automation of your online business and really enjoy living the internet lifestyle.
  • Engaged buyers with with banner messages at the right time.
  • Make single or more banners to display at different times in a video.
  • Chance to show/close ads when X seconds have passed.
  • Choose of youw ant to show or hide ads for mobile.
  • Compatible With GIFS, JPG, PNG banner types.
  • Big backend manager (simple management of your ads).
  • You are able to send your visitors to a lead page or any landing page.
  • Have control o when your ads show up and control their time etc.
  • You can show up your bnner ads as many times as youw ant in a video.
  • Positioning as well as display filters.
  • Twelve ready for you responsive, easy edittable user-friendly templates.
  • Capping option to display your ads only X times per user/session.

Some Other Powerful Things That Vidadz Can Do

Things you are able to do with this Plugin

Redirect your visitors to your own products, affiliate links, CPA Offers. You can redirect to an opt in page to collect more leads, to a page where they can download something etc.

And a lot more than that

You are able to make users to do anything like… Free Offer, Discount Offers, Membership Sign Up.

Other Powerful Features

Lightweight Lightweight plugin, which is impossible to slow down your website.

Embed Where You Want Embed the plugin everywhere you want: custom posts, posts and pages.

Completely Customizable 100% customizable banner templates.

One Time Payment. You don’t have to pay monthly or yearly, just once.

100% Mobile Friendly. THe plugin is also mobile friendly, so you can control your banner ads on mobile too.

Evergreen License. It’s an evergreen product, meaning, you will get all the future improvements and updates of Vidadz.

See Performance Detailed statistics inside to display how your free ads perform.

Vidadz Upgrades, OTOs

They have made some OTOs in the funnel.

Vidadz single & Unlimited License

Vidadz Dev/Agency License

Vidadz Reseller License


Conclusion About Vidadz

It is perfect for every person, no matter in what niche you are. You can monetize all your embedded youtube videos on your sites with Vidadz to get more sales, traffic, conversions and a lot more.

On the other side, you have nothing to lose, because you have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Take advantage of this one of a kind wordpress plugin.

This plugin is suitable for everybody who wants to generate some extra income with affiliate/CPA commissions, product sales, generate email subscribers, product downloads etc.

It doesn’t matter, if you are a small business or a big, affiliate marketer, blogger, instructor.



Affordable Price









  • Bonus WordPress Plugins Included With Vidadz
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Increase Of Revenue
  • Embed Ads In Your Videos
  • Traffic Increase.

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