Synthesys Review

Welcome to a review of Synthesys !

Have you been looking for voice over using real voices ?

It’s true that a lot of the text to speech are with very robotic voices and it is very hard to find a quality one, furthermore a lot of them are with monthly fees.

Now, you can see more of this review of this powerful text to speech revolutionary app.

Synthesys Overview

CreatorMario Brown
Link To IT
Front-End Price$67
SkillIt Doesn’t Matter Your Technical Experience
Guarantee30-Day No Asked Refund
SupportGood Support

What Is Synthesys ?

Sythesys is the first human based text to speech software, you can use it for any type of videos, you can use it for any voiceover, you want.

You will save a lot of time and money by utilizing it, as you can use it for any sales video, for a podcast, you can charge other people and make voiceovers for them with this app.

You can utilize it with animated or explainer videos, for TV Commercials.

And as we said, you can offer voice over services at people in freelancing sites and anywhere you like to friends, family.

Most of the text to speech apps on the market are 100% based on Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly and it still sounds robotic.

Thet’s where Synthesys comes in place, because it is a lot different and sounds very human like and will improve and gain trust in your people, furthermore, we as people trust it more, because it is more relevant to us..

Now, you have the amazing chance to get high quality voice overs, that are not the usual robotic ones. This brand new solution is very great for doing text to speech and you will be able to save hell of a lot money and time by utilizing it.

The first ever voice over, that uses real human voices, will be for you, by using Synthesys.

You will get rid of the robotic voices, that are around on the other softwares, furthermore, for a lot of them you have to pay monthly, here this is for one time affordable price.

synthesys review

It dominates, even some of the best text to speec solutions out there and you can create any voice over for it, sales video, demo video, gaming video, podcast, literally anything.

Getting all of the amazing features for a low one time affordable price, that can save you so much time and money is more than enough reason to take advantage of Synthesys.

How Does Synthesys Work ?

In works in a very simple way, there is nothing complicated.

  1. Find your perfect business voice, gender and tone from 18 real voices.
  2. Create. Plug your text script and click create.
  3. Launch, deploy the voice on any platformr device, every time, you need it.

Synthesys OTO

Synthesys PRO

Synthesys DFY Boost Pack

Synthesys Agecy

  • Unlimited
  • 500k
  • 150k

My Bonuses With Synthesys

You will get special bonuses, when you buy Synthesys through my link.

Bonus #1

Free Ebook Cover Creator

Bonus #2

Unlimited FREE Images In Any Niche

Bonus #3

Article Generator 

Bonus #4

Launch Jacking Step By Step Training

Bonus #5

FREE Logo Design – Logo Maker

Bonus #6

My Secret & Fast Method To $2k With Clickbank

Bonus #7

Pinterest & Instagram scheduling tool that gets real results in less time.

Bonus #8

FREE Ultimate Keyword Finder

Synthesys Conclusion

You can use it for gaming, Film & Animation, podcasts, promotion videos of real estate, training videos, step by step videos, sales videos, profesisonal videos, audio promotional material and a lot more.

Voice recordings from real life voice actors to make neural network. Then it generates the audo clip from the text input from users.

This enhanced technique creates amazing audo files that can be used immediately.

Beginner and budget friendly. Synthesys can help you to provide voice for your presentations and videos, while saving time and money at the same time.

High quality text to speech, that makes content creation easy and fast, just plugging and pasting your script to a text box and making your voice selection and clicking to render.

High quality voices and you can say good buy to robotic scripts and have amazing real voice sounding.

Synthesys Review






Customer Support



  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Bonuses With Synthesys
  • Saving Money & TIme

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