SyndBuddy 2.0 Review

What about traffic. Do you have it ? Without it, you will not have any sales and leads to your business. So basically every business is lost without traffic, it doesn’t matter, if it is local or online.

But, how you can achieve it faster to get traffic ? ACtually with the software, we are gonna review, you will find out the powerful way, you can drive free targeted traffic to any offer, you like.

You will have the chance to have 5276 members to do all the social syndication for you, so you can rank on first page.

You could be in any niche, any location or language, it also doesn’t matter if you have tested other rankings tools.

Now SyndBuddy 2.0 is more improved than the previous version and it will get social shares for you from real people from all over the world on 100% autopilot.

If, you are not advanced user, don’t worry it is perfect even if you have 0 experience, because it will do all the work for you and you will be able to utilize army of real people that will share your content on the internet, so you can get faster rankings, therefore traffic in the long term to drive more leads, traffc, sales from the search engines.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Overview

syndbuddy 2.0 review
Creator:Joshua Zamora et al
Product:SyndBuddy 2.0
Front-End Price:$27-$47
Link To SyndBuddy 2.0
Niche:SEO & Traffic 

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review – What Is It ?

SyndBuddy 2.0 is the enhanced and updated version of SyndBuddy.

It is a powerful web based, that is designed to get for you real social shares from a lot of real people for the purpose of you ranking in search engines like google and youtube on the first page.

The traffic is free targeted and you will utilize 5391 members and will do all the social syndication for you. As, you know first page rankings is very important, if not most, because this way, you will get traffic.

syndbuddy 2.0 review

Very powerful DFY ranking software and SyndBuddy is the Nitrous to their social syndication system. Next generation app that does social syndication for you and takes things to the next levle.

They have created a platform at place where a lot of real users are ready to share your content on their platforms to get any url youw ant ranked on google and youtube in the long term.

They have got 5000 users, which have done over 2,000,000 shjare on each other’s content.

Joshua Zamora has been focusing on developing all the ranking syndication platforms to be easy to use and DFY.

When, it is easy and made in a professional way, it drives results and also DFY Suite and SYndTrio, which are powerful softwares from Joshua Zamora are proof of that.

Made in a way, so you can get effortless rankings in any niche for every site and video, you want, 0 work, only plugging a url you want to get ranked and get traffic. Nothing to learn, when all the work is done for you.

And it doesn’t matter if you are bad at SEO.

Who Is The Creator Of SyndBuddy 2.0 ?

Joshua Zamora is the person who stays behind SyndBuddy 2.0.

joshua zamora creator of syndbuddy

He is a well known marketer and product creator of quality softwares, mainly for social syndication, getting traffic, rankings etc.

Now with the improved SyndBuddy 2.0, he wants to ensure, customers will even get better results.

How Does SyndBuddy Work ?

Actually, as you may think, you almost don’t have to do any work, because it is 99% dfy software.

Very simple process and you can get targeted traffic to any content with jusy 3 steps.

  • Step 1. Get Inside the web software. Put your username and password to login to the cloud app.
  • Step 2: Submit the url you want to get in the sharing pool, so people can start syndicating for you.
  • And final third step, click start and watch your rankings, traffic and profits improving by utilizing the power of ranking army.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Features

When, it comes to the features, they are very cool.

One-Click Account Creation

The creators will also be bundling this with the VERY popular, SyndCreator,  in order for you to have your social accounts on autopilot CREATED and plugged inside to SyndBuddy!

This will do a lot things easier, better and faster.

In just a few minutes, you will be having your accounts made and any url of your desir syndicated to all over the world by real people.

And there is a lot more than that.

With 1 click Content creation.

There will be included their content engine system inside SyndBuddy, so sbmitting a campaign to be shared by people with ease.

You don’t need to create any content, manually.

5000 real users and real reviews from them. Auto sharing features, that makes the app set and forget.

Syndbuddy Upgrades

The Main Offer

SyndBuddy 2.0

That’s the core software with their most popular level, you will receive 2000 credits to start getting content to the sharing network, asap.

OTO/Upgrade 1 SyndBuddy 2.0 Agency +

This will be the SyndBuddy subscription. SyndBuddy is based on credit system, so you will have the chance to lock in your monthly credits at the launch price discount.

Also, you will just have to put $1. They have tested this a lot of times and it is very powerful.

OTO/Upgrade 2 DFY Indexer Platform

Now, what about make your campaigns more powerful by getting access to this, so your campaigns will be placed to their backlink indexer account in order for your syndication to be stronger.

It is clear that getting links indexed is what will also boost you. THe more syndication GOogle is aware, the better for you and your campaigns.

OTO/Upgrade 3 My Video Spy Agency

This is a powerful platform, that will give you the opportunity to find out about untapped niches, analyze your cmpetition and get estimations of what traffic, you can expect from your targeted niches and a lot more.

OTO 4/ SyndLab

This is the bigger brother of SyndBuddy. ACtually, SyndBuddy was built of the platform, which SYndLab was built on.

This will allow you to share your content on your own networks and SYndBuddy gives you the chance to take advantage of the exchange to receive share from other people’s accounts.

This is the bnest social syndication mix and they are both integrated together.

OTO 5/ Video Chief

Video Chief is the membership site of over 1200 done-for-you videos, which you are able to choose to ensure you get first page video rankings. They will get rid of the need for you to create videos.

With this upgrade, they cover all the things. Syndication, niche research, creation of videos.

What Is New In SyndBuddy 2.0 ?

Yup, That’s It! From There The “Ranking Army” Of Over 5,000 Members Will
Get To Work For You And Build You Hundreds Of Social Links To Any URL
You’d Like – 100% Hands-Free!

With SyndBuddy:
100% Done-For-You Social Syndication from
REAL people located ALL over the world, so you
dont have to do ANY of the work yourself!
NO Software to Download or Learn – the ONLY
thing you have to do is create your campaign
and input your LJRL and keywords
NEW in 2.0: Auto-Share Feature So You’re
Shares PER campaign – 100% hands-free
Limited Bonus: Agency License to Get Rankings
For Your Clients as well’

This is the BEST way to get rankings FAST and
for the LONG-TERM WITHOUT worrying about
being “penalized” (100% Whitehat)

NO Captchas or Proxies to Deal With, so you
save even MORE money while STILL getting a
ton of results

NEW in 2.0: Automated Content Generation So
You Can Submit ANY URL to the “sharing pool” in
60 Seconds Or Less!

Limited Bonus: SyndCreator Access So You Can
Automatically Create New Social Accounts to
Share Other Members Content (optional)

SyndBuddy 2.0 is a credit-based launch just like 1.0. Regular 1.0 customers WILL have to pay for their upgrade (at a discount) to access the NEW features AND get more credits. . However, if you have an ACTIVE, recurring subscription from they 1.0 launch, you’ll be grandfathered into this new update. 

One-Click Auto-Sharing

Yup, they have now thrown an ocean-sized amount of GAS on this ALREADY well-lit FIRE house!

This GAS that they’ve poured on this fire is the ability for ALL users to turn on AUTO-SHARING of each other’s content!

One thing they noticed was a certain % of people tended to drop off over time and stop sharing content because it was a MANUAL PROCESS! They had to actually login, and share other people’s content.

With this update, they have SOLVED that problem! Can you imagine how much more powerful this is now when THOUSANDS of members have AUTO-SHARING turned on?

Imagine being able to get REAL social shares and social signals to your YouTube Videos, niche sites, clients sites, ecommerce sites or ANY url you’d like.

With SyndBuddy, you will be able to get

Real Facebook Likes

Real Facebook Shares

Real Re-Tweets

Real Social Bookmarks

Real Web 2.0 Posts

Real Web 2.0 Posts

Real Youtube Views

And More!

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review – Case Study & Demo

SyndBuddy 2.0 Discount

For a discount/coupon, you can try the following codes “sb5off”, “sb7off”, “FINALSB”.

Bonuses From The Creators With SyndBuddy 2.0

SyndBuddy 2.0 – My Bonuses

For you, there will be the following bonuses.

Bonus #1

Free Ebook Cover Creator

Image for post

Bonus #2

Unlimited FREE Images In Any Niche

Image for post

Bonus #3

Article Generator

Image for post

Bonus #4

Launch Jacking Step By Step Training

Image for post

Bonus #5

FREE Logo Design — Logo Maker

Image for post

Bonus #6

My Secret & Fast Method To $2k With Clickbank

Image for post

Bonus #7

Pinterest & Instagram scheduling tool that gets real results in less time.

Image for post

Bonus #8

FREE Ultimate Keyword Finder

Image for post

SyndBuddy 2.0 Conclusion

SyndBuddy is the ultimate web/cloud based app for one time affordable price that is made for social syndication. The 2.0 version takes the things to the next level.

They have created the whole system, so a lot of real users all over the world are ready to share your content on their social platforms to get you traffic and first page rankings on the Search engines for a long term.

There are real time stats and they have got over 5000 users using SYndBuddy and they got over 2,000,000 shares on each others content.

SyndBuddy 2.0









  • Account Creaion With 1 CLick
  • Web/Based Software
  • A Lot Of Bonuses With SyndBuddy 2.0
  • Made For Driving More Sales, Leads & Traffic
  • Affordable Price

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