Kaptiwa 2.0 Review

Welcome to this review of Kaptiwa 2.0!

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Are you looking for an unique video hosting, which offers a lot of feature. An amazing alternative of the Wistia, that charges $99 every month and it only allow you a couple of videos to embed on other pages.

In fact one of the creators cancelled the Wistia account, months ago, when they released the previous version of Kaptiwa, but in the 2.0 one there are even more unique features about it. Now, it is optimized for the best results possible.

On the other hand, why you have to pay for Wistia or other similar video hosting, that charges you like $90-$100 every month ? When, you can get Kaptiwa 2.0 at one time low price.

It’s fact that most people prefer to watch videos, already and they are getting more and more popular, so another thing that this very important is to have the videos with HD. Kaptiwa will play the videos with HD quality.

Here, that’s not the case, Kaptiwa 2.0 offers a lot of cool features plus, you can host unlimited amount of videos. you can also capture the emails of people, which is another great thing.

There are a lot more features in the cloud base software included, that you can really leverage to get more engagement, sales, conversions and a lot more.

Kaptiwa 2.0 Overview

kaptiwa 2.0
Creators:Todd Gross, Dr Amit
Product:Kaptiwa 2.0
Launch Date:2020-Feb-26
Launch Time:10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $47-$97
Link To Kaptiwa 2.0:https://bit.ly/2PkPjc3

What Is Kaptiwa 2.0 ?

An Amazingly Fast Cloud Based Video Hosting and Marketing Software, which has the full potentional to play HD high quality videos on Any Site, Shop, Pages or whatever device you are using.

kaptiwa 2.0 review

Kaptiwa 2.0 is the newer, very improved version of Kaptiwa.

  • Extremely FAST Hosting Of Videos & Marketing Software
    Producing HD Videos with no delay or buffering
  • Playing Elegant Videos wherever you want. On different devices, webistes or pages. You don’t need any coding skills, just copy and past, then play your beautiful videos in just 3 quick steps.
  • Controlling 100% Of Your Videos Traffic
    Without The Traffic Leakage, Disruptions or some Distractions, that tend to make people leave.
  • Kaptiwa is Powerful and Proven To Solution. It is tested and performs really well, very good architecture and proudly delivered 19 Million video views and will do even more.
    Receieve Max engagement, max conversions, max sales and leads
  • 50+ More Unique Features In The Store

You will get access to this cloud based video hosting called Kaptiwa 2.0, that will bring you the best experience possible.

In the new version, they have updated a lot more and there are must have features, so you can deliever the best video experience to your people, that will watch your videos.

Very good solution, that is been leveraged for 7 Figure Online Business to run all videos for people, when you start from Sales, Trainings, Demos, Education, Schools, Business Coaches, you can literally use the video hosting for everything, most importantly it works without a ny delay and buffering.

Inside Of Kaptiwa 2.0

Let’s take a look Inside of Kaptiwa 2.0. Some if its features.

The Dashboard. as you can see the dashboard is not complicated.

this is the dashboard of kaptiwa

Videos. You can take a look at the different videos, you have uploaded, furthermore the statistics about them and more.

Upload a video. When you upload a video, Kaptiwa will take care of this video to have the best quality possible and to run smoothly and enhanced. You can upload from your PC or form your drive.

Upload a video in Kaptiwa 2.0

Customization of a video. You have a lot more options in Kaptiwa 2.0 to customize unlike other platforms.

customization of a videos

Player Customization. You can see that you have so much options and then for the frame, thumbnail, there will be some ready thumbnails for you and you can even add subtitles.

player customization

More Options. Another thing, which is different than other video hostings in Kaptiwa 2.0 is that, when you create a project and the videos uploaded under this project can have a set of options only for the certain videos in this project.

more options

Kaptiwa Was Able So Far To

It has done a lot things, successfully created 18,957 videos, and around of 19 Million Video Views, so far as we mentioned. Currently delivering without any delar and buffering over 1 Million+ minutes of videos.

It also servies over 1000 of businesses. And the numbers are real from the database. Now, Kaptiwa 2.0 will save you even more money and time, you will pay just one time for it, not monthly like on Wistia, Vimeo, Vidyard and others. On the other hand, the people who have been using Kaptiwa, has saved a ton of money and time and they have a solution.

It also has generated million of leads, commissions, sales and profits for people, so far, but if they had used other solution, they might have lost a lot of them and the traffic due to the distractions on other video hosting platforms. SO thats why it saves money from 2 sides, one it is that, people will not be distracted, when they watch the video, on the other hand, it is one time price.

Features Of Kaptiwa 2.0

So let’s take a deeper look at the features of it, because we reviewed them, but really superficially.

As, we said the very quick video hosting and player for HD videos, offers you to upload unlimited videos for a one time price and it is proven to work, according t othe statistics.

Another things inside of it you will find are advanced analytics and comparing stats for the videos. You are able to Collect Leads and promote to them and sell inside. You have Complete Contorl of your video traffic.

Not only that, but also inside, you can create as much as youw ant video channels in order to boost your brand and auto play the videos in all browsers. Management of your videos in the playlist really easily. Also Drag and Drop editor is available, so youcan edit the templates as youw ant, Video A-B Repeating function, so videos care be replayed from a certain duration.

Completely Mobile Responsive video pages, players, unmatched video player, very smooth playback on every device and browers possible.There are also advanced integration available with over 900 and more marketing apps.

Advertisement technology also, maximization of your visitors’s engagement with ad free videos, cusotm domain, you will be able to attract more leads with Premium, lead generation template. MyDrive available, so you can save your media safely and share a lot of faster with your customers or clients.

Amazing and beautiful promo templates in order for additional monetization and traffic, Accounts system for tracking complete leads behavior, management, you can manage the comments, system to improve your brand reputation, 100% Beginner friendly cloud based video software.

Capturing as many as you want leads from your videos with it.

If, you get lost inside, you don’t have to worry, because there is a completely video training included in Kaptiwa 2.0, so they have got you covered.

Another Reasons Why Kaptiwa 2.0 Is Good For You

1.Speed equals money, so, they have invested 3 years for planning, for the development, testing and the optimization with the best cloud services out there like Aws, Akamai as well as HLS technology in order to deliver extremely fast video hosting and marketing experience at the same time.

2. Amazing Looks and Secured Delivery is very important for people.

3. YOu have a 100% of your traffic, boosting engagement and the conversions, unlike some other platforms, which kills your traffic by showing some related videos and it also decreases your conversions.

4. Access to deep insight on the user behavior also on the engagement, so you can improve oyur marketing campaigns.

5. Customization of player, displaying lead forms, promotional ads, also there are videos and 50+ more nice features.

Who Is Kaptiwa 2.0 Suitable For ?

It is perfect for Digital and SAAS Product Sellers, Local Businesses, Freelancers, Infro Sellers, Business Coaches, Agency owners, Affiliate Marketers, Lead Generation and lot more than those.

The powerful video hosting can be used by anyone it is literally perfect for everyone. It is also a very good video hosting for schools, it can be used as a youtube alternative also vzaar alternative.

It is a very good video hosting provider, because, it is made perfect for anyone for any service to use it and you can upload unlimited amount of videos for the cost it offers.

Most video hosting may share similar features like youtube, vimeo and some other sites, but Kaptiwa 2.0 is a very good opportunity, if you want something more special other than youtube besides it, which offers more things.

As, we said this video hosting can be used for business, for education for everything, that can come to your mind, but the best thing is that, you will get it for a one time low price, instead of paying high monthly fees and to be limited just ot upload a few videos.

Kaptiwa 2.0 OTOs, Upgrades

These are the front end offers: Kaptiwa Start & Pro

The upgrades and OTOS are:

Kaptiwa Elite Edition

Kaptiwa Enterprise Edition

Kaptiwa Business Drive

5-Year DotcomPal Premium Membership

Conclusion About Kaptiwa 2.0

If you want a Lightning Fast Video Hosting with all of the unique features, that we went throughout the review, then Kaptiwa 2.0 is the best solution, you can make so far, also because of its one time low price, unlike the other solution, that we mentioned. On the other side, there is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Kaptiwa 2.0









  • Bonuses Included, If You Buy Kaptiwa 2.0 Through My Link.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Extremely Quick Video Hosting & Marketing Tool
  • Maximum Conversion, Engagement, Sales & Leads.
  • So Far, Kaptiwa has Got Around 19 Million Video Views To Today.

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