How To Make Money With JVZoo

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Today, I want to share with you the way I started to make money with JVZoo affiliate marketing and the way, you can implement the strategies yourself.

JVZoo is an affiliate network, which is legit and has paid a lot of billions of commissions to their affiliates. It is out there since 2012. An affiliate network means that people can upload their products there and people can sign up as affiliates and promote other people’s products and get a commission for doing that.

That’s a business model called affiliate marketing, which is very good and anyone can start, because it doesn’t require you to have big budgets, especially with the method today, I am gonna share with you.

Inside the platform, you can get paid by PayPal, Bank Account and the minimum you can withdraw is $50.

make money with jvzoo

There are certain tips, that you can apply to make really good money with JVZoo and others, which are also good.

But still a lot of people are interested, how they can do it, because too many people are registered as affiliates on the platform, but not many know the right strategies to make some money.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money With JVZoo ?

There are a lot of ways, which work, but there are certain ways, that are more newbie friendly, because there are also others, which require ads, advanced targeting etc.

My Results With JVZoo

My JVZoo Earnings in my new account. These are results, which I generated in a few days.

jvzoo earnings

How Much Other People Make With JVZoo

It varies, but there are affiliates, who make really a lot, on average most who are established make at least $100 a day, some even make 4 or 5 figures a day, but it needs time to make it happen, because you would need to spend on ads to build a huge email list and get a lot of targeted traffic from somewhere.

earnings with jvzoo

Of course, this is a good motivation for you to start and be consistent, but don’t expect in the beginning such results, because it takes time for this to happen.

The Way I Started

1.Get Your Website Started With A2 Hosting At 66% OFF

2.Then, go to a website called

jvzoo products from muncheye

3.Then start writing reviews of these products. You will have tools on the jv pages, you can use like information, even affiliate access to some of the products, if you do youtube review videos, it’s very important.

Also, email swipes, if you have an emai list, but if you are a complete beginner, you might not have a list. But, when your website starts to get more traffic, put a form on your website, you can use GetResponse 30 Days Free Trial

Growing your email list is very important and you should do it.

For example, I recently reviewd a product called Clickvio . You can see the exact layout, I use to write my reviews, but I strive to write them longer than the competitors in google, so I can rank.

And this apply in general, if you do affiliate marketing with writing product reviews about different products, not only JVZoo.

The more people, that visit your review, after the product is released, the higher chances, you are gonna make money/commission, but you need to rank on the first page of google, which is very important.

You must master this, because it is very important, your reviews should be longer and more detailed than the other ones and you should start building backlinks for your website.

backlinks to your jvzoo reviews

At websites like you can get backlinks for as cheap as $5 for backlinks. You can get good backlinks and tell the to them,when they link back to your website with keywords review, honest review, software reviews etc.

Because, your website will be review based and that’s very important.

There are so many details, that should be covered, but that’s the process in a nutshell, that helped me personally to make some money on this affiliate network and hopefully, you can make something too.

If, you are consistent, you will get results sooner or later, write more reviews, the more you do the better and the more backlinks the better for your website, because, it will get authority.

Other Ways To Earn Money With JVZoo

Of course there are a lot more, but I am gonna keep it short.

  1. You Can Publish Information At Forums & Facebook Groups related to the product, you are promting and informing people how it can actually help them.
  2. You can run ads on different platforms like Facebook, Bing, Google or Native ads at other different networks. Keep in mind if you do ads, you have to be careful and know what to do, because you might lost money, if you are a beginner I strongly recommend you to start with the SEO method, which I personally start with and reviewd so far with starting a website and writing reviews.
  3. Growing social media accounts at Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others, you can think of. After, you start getting more followers, you can put a link in your BIO or your profile, when people visit your profile, so they can see your link and click on it.

Those are the main methods, there might be a lot more, but I don’t want to get into a lot of details, in this post I wanted to share my journey with JVZoo on a brand new account and how I made $148. It might not seem like a lot of money for most people, but it also depends in which country you live, because money has different value depending on the country.

And, if you can make even one sale, you can make a lot more. FOr sure paid ads is very powerful, but it is very risky if you are on a tight budget. With it you can scale a lot, but in order to be successful with ads, you must do retargeting, test a lot, be ready to lose some money before you get an expert.

That’s why when you got some money coming from the method, I shared, then invest into paid ads, autoresponders to collect emails and other tools.

In order to start, just start a website by getting a domain and hosting and it is good for your domain to have in it the keyword review, because, your website will be based on reviews.

When, you start it go to the product lauch calendar website, I mentioned muncheye and apply for your affiliate links on the JVZoo products, you wanna promote. Utilize the tools, that are on the jv page and write your post/review about the product.

You can also take a look at

My Number one recommendation to make money is

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