How I Made $1000 With Warrior Plus (W+) In 2020

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Today, I want to share with you how I managed to earn around $1000 with Warrior Plus(W+).

For those if you that don’t know

What Is Warrior Plus ?

It’s an affiliate marketing network, not program, because if it’s a program it’s just one product, an network is where are a lot of products.

You can promote other people’s products for a commission. There products are in different niches and you can promote them with different methods.

The problem, most people face is that, they don’t know how to promote them, because they are told wrong by 95% of the fake gurus, who just want to sell you courses, but not teach you anything.

warrior plus W+ income

Warrior + is an established and trusted affiliate network operating from 2006. THey have paid billions of commissions to affiliates.

It’s a very good affiliate network and you can definitely make some good money with warriorplus. A $100 a day or even there are super affiliates who make over $1000+ a day and even more.

How To Promote Warrior Plus Products ?

You can usually promote warrior+ products with SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which is free traffic from google, when you write content, Paid Ads(Google, BIng, Facebook) Ads and other different type of ads.

You can also contact influencers and pay them to promote on their instagram pages etc. Another way is actually to write the reviews at sites like but the problem is sometimes, your reviews can get removed, because of medium strict rules about posting affiliate content.

The good thing about promoting on medium is that the site has high authority and you will usually rank on the first page by promoting WarriorPlus products.

That’s not a bad way to make some cash, but my recommendation is actually to get your website, because it is yours and nobody can restrict you.

But in my opinion the best way to promote Warrior Plus products, especially, if you don’t have a lot of money is with starting a website.

That’s actually what I did. I started this website originally for writing reviews of different products for the warrior plus marketplace.

Proof Of $1000 Made With Warrior Plus (W+)

You can see below my image, how I have done a little bit over $1000 with W+ affiliate network.

You can see that on Warrior Plus, I got the rank of 908 In the last 1 year, which is not bad compared with maybe millions of people registered for W+.

$1000 may not seem like a lot, but I am gonna scale up by writing more reviews and maybe start doing youtube videos, because I haven’t so far, maybe if i was also doing video reviews, I might have done at least $2000.

I did $1000 With W+ affiliate platform

Keep in mind, that there are a lot of people who can’t even get one sale with W+.

How You Can Also Make $1000 With Warrior Plus ?

The whole process is very simple, but it takes time and you need to be prepared.

The best way on a budget would be to get a hosting first to host your website. You Can Get A2 Hosting At 66% OFF, Very Fast Hosting.

a2 hpsting

That’s the foundation of your business and you need a website, if you want to be successful with this method. As, I mentioned, there are also other methods, but this one works the best, if you are on a budget and you want a long term strategy.

After, you have started your WordPress website.

Then, you want to start writing reviews about different products, which are listed on and are gonna be launching very soon. That’s because, when a product launches, there is no competition in google and you will be able to rank.

warrior plus products from muncheye

You can see on the image, the ones that have the W+ symbol are products, that are gonna be launching on the WarriorPlus affiliate network and you can sign up to Warrior Plus absolutely for free.

Write a review a few days before the product has launched on the marketplace and when it launches, you will have a high chance of making a sale, because there will be a lot of affiliate promoting these products to their email list and a large percantage of people are gonna look for a reviews in google.

SO, they will start typing [product name], [product name revew] and the more reviews you make the higher chance, you are gonna rank these products from WarriorPlus. You should pick a product, that has a lot of prizes, because there are the products, who will have the most traffic during the launch.

First, you would need to apply for your affiliate link to make a request for the product you want to promote.

If you don’t have experience so far in promoting products, you can write something like “Hello, I want to promote your product in my blog, which is based around softwares etc”. In most cases, the majority of vendors/creators will approve you, because they need affiliates to promote their product, so you will be the affiliate and both you and the creator make money, when a sale is made, so it’s a win-win situation.

Often times vendors will have a lot of information on their JV page, so you can craft your review, you can also take a look at the sales page, but also you can ask them for accessing the product, so you make a video review, if you also want to do videos or have more information about the product.

What, you wanna be doing is to write your reviews longer than your competitors in google, when you search for a specific keyword in google like [product name revew], start researching the top results from the first page.

At the beginning, you will not have backlinks and authority, so you should make your reviews longer, so you can have higher chances of ranking on the Search engines.

You should write a review as often as you can in order for your website to become stronger, so you can rank faster. Do some backlinks from other sites link to your site, you can also start free WordPress, Weebly, Wix and link back your main site to make your site stronger.

Overtime, you will start ranking. You can also pick products directly from the affiliate offers of Warrior Plus inside, but usually the product that had already launched don’t have any traffic, at least most of them and there is no sense to make reviews about them. So the better and faster way is the method with muncheye, beacuse these products are new and will have traffic, when they get released.

When, you have signed up to WarriorPlus and point on affiliate and then offers, you will have all the offers, but there are also very old products and you would usually need an email list or to run ads, so you can get traffic to them.

warrior plus affiliate offer

So, the better solution would be the method with muncheye, which is also known as launch jacking. When the products is a trend and has a lot of hype, it gets a lot of traffic, because it has been sent to the email list of a lot of people, also a lot of other people, sometimes the creators, run ads for more traffic and you hijack this traffic by writing a review.

Can I Make More Than $1000 With This Warrior Plus Method ?

ACtually, the method is called “launch jacking” and you simple hijack or get traffic, when people launch their products and you steal traffic by writing those reviews and when they rank, you start getting visiots and eventually sales, because other people have sent a lot of traffic to their email lists, running ads etc and there is a lot of traffic.

In fact, you can scale up to a lot more, there are vendors(product creators) and Warrior Plus affiliates(people who promote) who even make more than $1000 per day, but it takes time to make a lot of product reviews and being consistent and also start building your email list.

You can also see inside of the marketplace the top sellers for today, yesterday, the last 7 days or last 30 days and these are the most converting products, that make the most sales in this time.

warriorplus marketplace

My Simple Process In A Nutshell With WarriorPlus

  1. Sing Up To W+ to become a WarriorPlus affiliate.
  2. Get A Hosting & Domain To Start Your Website, You Can Get For 66% Off Today Only With A2 Web Hosting
  3. Go To Muncheye & Request Your Affiliate Links FOr The Warrior Plus, You Want To Promote.
  4. Write Reviews About Them & Put Your Affiliate Links Inside Your Posts/Articles Reviews.

As, you can see the whole thing is not complicated, but a lot of people get confused, overcomplicate things, overthink and never start. So the thing to do is to just get started to get your first $1000 With WarriorPlus or even more.

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