GetResponse Review 2020

If you are looking for a quality email autoresponder, but you are disappointed from free ones or even paid, that don’t provide the services and quality you want, you are at the right place.

I don’t say the the free ones are bad, but they just have a lot of limitations in my opinion and experience. The best thing about the email software, we are gonna review is that it can do a lot more things than just email marketing stuff.

For example landing pages, webinars, opt-in forms and even video tutorials about it provided by them and a lot more. As we all know having all in one marketing solution is very important for every business and that’s one of the most critical things, when it comes to your business, especially the email marketing part.

It doesn’t have to be online/digital business, you can also use such software for your local business to collect your customers email’s and then offer your services or anything else.

What is GetResponse ?

GetResponse is known as an email marketing software, but it can be a whole all in onemarketing tool. Email marketing is a very good way of getting people engaged by sending, usually to a group of people, a commercial message using email marketint software like GetResponse for example.

Every, email that is email sent to a customer is considered as email marketing in its broadest sense. In most cases it includes sending advertisements, requesting business, or soliciting sales or donations using email, and made usually in order to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

GetResponse Review 2020

GetResponse is mostle known as for it’s email marketing features. But, it can also be used for building autofunnels, landing pages, marketing automation, webinars and some more. GetResponse can be used for the things, we mentioned and more so it is not limited only to be an autoresponder.

GetResponse has very good tutorials, videos, course on their websites, that are free, which will guide you and introduce you how you can use every feature of getresponse, so you will not get confused.

My experience, as I have used it and still using every feature of GetResponse and I think, it is great for both email marketing stuff as well as the other things we mentioned and you still see below. But, if you really want a software that is used mostly for funnels, landing pages, webinars, you can take a look at

Some people may say the one is better than the other and vice versa, but I think it is about personal preferences.

You could find the opposite true, because everybody is different so you can try both of them, because they have free trials, try them and find for yourself, which fits better for you personally. GetResponse 30 Days Trial
and Clickfunnels 14 Days Trial

But having a big email list and growing it, gradually is very critical for your business, as you have relation with your subscribers anytime. On the other hand making a beautiful landing page, opt in page within a few minutes is also very important for the conversions.

A lot of people actually, use Clickfunnels for the opt in pages, landing pages, their automated webinar, sales funnels and integrate GetResponse as their email autoresponder.

What Can GetResponse Do For You ?

GetResponse is a very popular email marketing software. For example, you can make email campaigns, cool designed emails, structured nicely. No matter, if you are experienced or inexperienced marketer, you can build a whole workflow of different email campaigns, automating and setting them the way you like on different sequences, simple and deep segments.

What Can GetResponse Do For You ?

Newsletters, Autoresponders, Automated emails, Segment-specific sends emails with perfect timing emails and Automated blog digests are part of the email marketing tools, which GetResponse has.

As we said, it is not only email features based, you can create a perfect looking landing pages, which are made and optimized for sales, collecting leads and also mobile optimized.. You can also add additional things like countdown timer on your pages, so you can increase the sales and coversions.

How Does GetResponse Work ?

GetResponse is made in a very simple way, so everyone can use it even, if you don’t have any tecnical skills, furthermore there are videos, tutorials as well as you can use the 24/7 support they provide.

GetResponse overview

As we previously mentioned, GetResponse can be used as a whole all in one marketing solution, combined with all the things it offers.

You can take a look at some of the page templates, which you can choose from, there are also email templates for your campaigns.

If you get suck somewhere, you can always take a look at the tutorials and videos provided by GetResponse itself, so everything will be clear.

Landig Page Templates

page templates getresponse

You just choose the landing page you desire and then, you can customize it the way you want with the drag and drop editor, which can literally do everything you want related to your page.

Email & Newsletter Templates

email templates clickfunnels

The same goes for the email templates, you can edit it and you also have templates in every category you can think of.

Opt In Forms

opt in forms

Here comes the opt in forms, which also have categories on the left you can see and you can choose which one corresponds to your needs. You can again customize them the way you want, but in the at the end the most important things is to collect the email.

As you might have seen this is the List Builder Wizard, you also have list builder apps, plan html, if you know some coding or you can integrate any CMS system like WordPress, Joomla, Facebook Web Form and more.

You can also make surveys with GetResponse.

Add contacts

add contacts getresponse

If you already have the emails of people from somewhere, for example if you have used other email autoresponder or just emails from somewhere, you can import them in GetResponse and use them.

Automated Autoresponder

automated autoresponder of getresponse

As you can see, you will be able to send emails on different sequences, you can choose the days, you want, you can send your email immediately or you can send it with delay of whatever time you want.

Files & Images

files and images

Another feature from GetResponse is that you can upload your files and images.


Even though, Clickfunnels is one of the most used softwares for building funnels, you can take advantage what GetResponse offers.


Simple CRM

Another great thing is that you can use GetResponse as a CRM Customer Relationship Management .

Simple CRM


Webinars are very powerful way of attracting people and then introduce something to people, it can be your product, you can teach them something.

webinars getresponse


You can take a look at all the automation things, that are available inside of Getresponse, as you can see they are a lot and you can try them anytime by taking your 30 days trial and make up your mind, if you want to keep using it.

Conclusion About GetResponse

✅ Very affordable price for most plans.
✅ Email Marketing.
✅ Autofunnels available.
✅ Landing Pages.
✅ Marketing Automation
✅ Webinars
✅ Autoresponders.
✅ Premade templates.
✅ Free Trial.
✅ 24/7 Customer Support
✅ Free videos, that will introduce you to get started.

You saw how many things getresponse offers for a very affordable price, so you can give a try by clicking the orange button below and taking yout 30 days trial.

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