Commission Hero Review

Welcome to this full review of Commission Hero !

The course that will take you from a complete beginner to an earning affiliate marketer with the biggest affiliate network in the world, Clickbank.

You will be literally taken from 0 to Hero and be able to earn a decent amount of money with Clickbank. Check the full review, if you are interested.

Commission Hero Overview

Vendor:Robby Blanchard
Product:Commision Hero
Launch Date:2020-Mar-30
Launch Time:09:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $997
Link To Commission Hero:
Niche:Affiliate Marketing

What Is Commission Hero ?

Commission Hero is a full detailed course about affiliate marketing, that has the potential to help you start making a lot of money, because the creator of it earns millions and has been announced for the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the world for 2019.

Inside, you will be taught affiliate marketing in a very unique way and one of the most profitable ways to start scaling and earn more and more.

Basically, it’s a three step system, he will teach you Affiliate Marketing With FB Ads, Landing Page & High Converting Clickabnk Offer. With this strategy, the creator has generated and still generates millions a month. Ads and mostly Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to generate commissions either with your own product or an affiliate one. And you will have the amazing opportunity to be taught by the number 1 Affiliate On Clickbank In The Entire World.

Getting the hang of paid ads is one of the best way to potentially make big commissions as the big players in the internet marketing space.

commission hero review

Making the perfect landing page is also an essential part of your marketing strategy, so he will also go through this part too and learn his strategies.

And high converting clickabnk offer is one of the best way to generate big money, because then, you would know that the product, which you promote is worth and helps people achieve their purpose. Actually, a lot of people don’t know which product to choose, how to choose it, how many products to promote etc.

Inside of Commission Hero, they’ve got you covered, because you will learn everything you need in this three step process to start your internet marketing journey and be a successful marketer.

It’s a proven system, that has a proven track record and proven to get people results.

You can see on the video below, how Robby is able to generate very good commissions in just 12 minutes. You will be able to do the same, if you are consistent in taking his course, because he is a proven affiliate already, announced by Clickbank for the #1 Affiliate In The World For 2019.

The exact same strategies will be provided to you too inside the comperhenive course Commission Hero. The good thing is that, he only spends now like 1-2 hours per day on this, because he is already advanced and you will become too after you have taken the course.

Inside Of Commission Hero

Inside, you will literally learn everything from A-Z to run your profitable Facebook Ads With Your Affiliate Offer. We, mentioned Clickbank, but Robby will also show you how to choose an a product in MaxWeb & A4D, which are also big affiliate networks.

You will also learn what image, you should use for your ad and how to find the right designer. In relation to the landing pages, you will learn how to set up them, also your affiliate links, your own domain or set it up with PHP/HTML.

Tracking is very important of your campaigns, so you will also learn how to do it properly and everything related tracking and scaling.

Another great thing is, you will get access to amazing resources like his million dollar landing page swipe, that contain the text & image, he has used to generate millions. You will get them for CLickfunnels & PHP. Also different ad copy & ad image.

Another very important thing, a lot of successful people have is the right mindset. The biggest reason why people fail is because, they don’t have the proper mindset to acheive something or they are full of doubts. In the resource section, Robby will teach you the right mindset that he has in order to achieve success.

A lot of people, actually underrate the mindset, but it is the most important part during your success. If you think that, you are gonna make it, you are gonna sooner or late and if you are consistent. If you have the negative mindset, most likely you will not.

Also, access to images, some CPA Networks, how to use them, also inside of Commission Hero, he will go through multiple Clickbank High Converting Offers. He will explain why exactly the certain offers are good swipes around them and more details about them.

There is also additional training, where you will learn how to reach to vendors, spy on FB Ads to see, which ads are profitable, also a very important part how to deal with account shut downs, because they can happen very often. You will be explained how to avoid them, different templates etc.

They will also go through email marketing, which is also one of the best ways to scale up your business even more after, you have collected a lot of email list, from your landing page.

There are also other things inside of Commission Hero, that will help you to start your journey, there er also DFY Campaigns that generate six figures and image packs.

1. Welcome

2. Getting Started

3. Choosing the Right Offers

4. Finding Your Ad Image

5. Setting Up a Landing Page

6. Setting Up Facebook Account

7. Setting Up Facebook Pixel

8. Tracking Your Campaigns

9. Scaling

10. Ninja Tactics

11. Bonuses

12. Spotlight Offers

13. Exclusive Extra Bonus

14. Inner Circle Coaching

All of these sections have sub sections and you will learn even more things.

inside of commission hero

The Creator Of Commission Hero

Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero. From a struggling gym owner, he started his own affiliate business online with FB Ads, which turns to be one of the most profitable ways for him to earn millions and become #1 Clickbank Affiliate In The World.

Robby Blanchard Commission Hero

There is no doubt that, if you pick the right strategy and stick to it, you can a lot of money, but in this case with paid ads, especially FB ads, where Facebook is huge, there is a potential to make millions a month as he will show you how it is being done.

Inside Of Commission Hero, you will get the exact same system, Robby has been using and still uses to generate millions and also some of his students already earn a lot.

Benefits Of Commission Hero

The things, you will be taught inside are very beneficial, because they have the potential to make you really good commissions/money and you will be able to enjoy your life without being to 9-5 job or part time. Even, if you enjoy your job, you can still apply the knowledge, you will be taught and achieve a very good side income aprt form your job/hobbies etc.

You will learn affiliate marketing by one of the best affiliate marketers who used to be a struggling gym owner, firstly he used to promote his own products with FB Ads, then he picked just 1 High Converting Clickbank Product & Started To Earn Millions and this way he became the #1 affiliate.

Who Is Commission Hero For ?

Literally, anyone can take advantage of this opportunity, if you interested in starting making fast commissions with Clickbank + FB Ads.

You will be guided from zero to hero, so you can be a successful affiliate marketer and even promote your own product, if you want.

+ It Is Suitable For Anyone, That Wants TO Make Money Online.

+ For Anyone, Who Wants To Start His Affiliate Marketing Journey & Get The Hang Of It Fast In This Comperhensive COurse.

+ If You Have A 9-5 Job, Part Time, But You Want To Make Some Additional Money, Then It Is Also FOr You.

+If You Don’t Have A Job, But You Want To Start Generating Money.

+If You Want To Become An Affiliate/Internet Markter.

+If You Want To Learn FB ADS, Landing Pages & Choosing A HIgh COnverting Clickbank Product, Which Is Essential.

As, you can see, literally anyone, no matter what age, race, country, status or anything you are. This can be literally done by anyone who is ready to take the valuable knowledge, that are put inside the Commission Hero course and utilize them in the best possible way, as he will be taught inside.

Options To Pay In Commission Hero

You can pay once or twice for the course. Two payments of $597 or one time for $997

payment options commission hero

Success Stories Of Commissions Hero

There are already over 2,500 students in Robby’s course and getting results. His mission is to help as much people as he can do start generating commissions with his strategy. His plan is to help this year at lesat 10,000 students to get results.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Commission Hero

Pros Of Commission Hero

✅ Affiliate Course By Top #1 Affiliate With Clickbank.
✅ Comperhensive.
✅ You will become master at choosing a High Converting Clickbank Product & Paid Traffic with Facebook Ads.
✅ Course with which a lot of students already get results.
✅ Value Inside, That Is Worth Years Of Consistent Hard Work.
✅ Amazing Support & Proven Track Record.

Cons Of Commission Hero

❌ The only one con in my opinion is that the price might be a little bit high for most people, but at the end, when we compare, what value, you will get out of it, it is absolutely worth the price, because there is information put inside that potentially can make you millions, realistically you can make very good money.

There are some success stories of people already earning like $10,000 a day.

Conclusion About Commission Hero

If you are one of these people who wants, but most importantly is willing to act in order to become a professional affiliate/internet marketer with FB Ads, mastering the ability to choose a high converting products in Clickbank, getting all the golden knowledge, that Robby has spent years to learn, then The Commission Hero Is For You.

Once, you have taken the course, you will feel a lot more confident and most likely already earning an income with Clickbank, thankfully to this course.

Commission Hero






Reputation Of Creator


Value For Money





  • Full Detailed Course
  • You will be able to master paid traffic
  • Secrets & Tips That Generate Robby Millions
  • Suitable For Anyone
  • Proven To Work

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