Clickfunnels vs GetResponse

Comparing two of the most popular softwares for business opportunities, that will automate your business, save you time and money in the long term.

Having some softwares, which will to things for you automatically like schedueling emails to be send at certain time, anytime you want, depending on certain actions of the user or setting them the way you want, so they can be send to as much people as you want, instead of sending emails one by one or to be limited.

Or building a website or a whole funnel just in minutes or multiple hours without having any technical coding skills. Instead of a developer or a designer to charge you hundreds or thousands or dollars for a web page.

We are gonna reveal the differences between both of them and what each one of them is intended for.

What Is Clickfunnels ?

For building funnel, clickfunnels are used to generally boost the business including sales, conversion. This funnel builder makes it easier for the entire business to be managed like online marketing, sales and service delivery by supplying users with a number of funnel forms such as sales funnel, webiner, landing page and much more.

Clickfunnels are designed for your particular business, product, service or even if you don’t have a business and just want to create a simple web page and model it the way you want with drop and drag.


The best thing is that Clickfunnels has made everything very easy to navigate and easy for people with no technical skills, you can integrate your email software, the easy way to create a nice flowing marketing and sales funnel from screatch as it has all the core elements you need for an effective sales funnel to improve your business

If you don’t have a funnel builder, you’ll have to manage website, landing pages, email autoresponders and other things, manually by yourself, which may take technical skills, but they’ve made it all very easy to incorporate with your email autoresponder, which they have or you can integrate getresponse, that we will take a look in a moment. If you decide to do it yourself the first way to do all the hard work, hiring someone will cost you money.

Clickfunnels provides everything you need, including detailed guides on their page in depth, so you can easily get in touch to use them.

In a nutshell, Clickfunnels is designed to build funnels(sales funnels, webinars etc), webpages etc.

What Is GetResponse ?

GetResponse is an email marketing software. Email marketing is the act of sending, typically to a group of people, a commercial message using email marketint software like GetResponse for example. Each, which is email sent to a customer is considered as email marketing in its broadest sense. It usually involves sending advertisements, requesting business, or soliciting sales or donations using email, and is intended to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.


Most people know GetResponse as a email marketing software. But, it can also be used for building autofunnels, landing pages, marketing automation, webinars and some more. So GetResponse is not limited only to be an autoresponder.

Both Clickfunnels and GetResponse have great tutorials, course on their websites, that will guide you how you can use both of them, so you will not get confused.

My experience, as I have used both of them, I think Clickfunnels is more appropriate for building automation funnels, sales funnels, web pages etc, while GetResponse is more for email automation workflows etc.

You could find the opposite true, because everybody is different that’s why why are doing GetResponse versus Clickfunnels, so you can have a overview and try and find for yourself, which fits better for you personally.

But building up your email list is very important for your business, so you can contact your subscribers anytime. On the other hand making a beautiful landing page, opt in page within a few minutes is pretty cool.

A lot of people actually, use Clickfunnels for the opt in pages, landing pages, their automated webinar, sales funnels and integrate GetResponse as their email autoresponder.

What Do Clickfunnels and GetResponse Do ?


Both can do a lot of things and some similar ones. For example Clickfunnels is mostly well known and used for a funnel building software. You can sell your product or services for example by building a sales funnel related to your niche.


There are templates to choose from any niche. Building a webinar funnel where you can show people your product, service or whatever you like.

It can be a live webinar or you can schedule it for later. Usually, you can use a couple of domains, so you can build a lot of pages, webinars etc. So for example instead of giving a developer money for all the work, you can build it yourself with drag and drop within a couple of minutes even, if you have 0 experience in coding.

You can craft a nice looking opt in page and collect email through clickfunnels email responder or using GetResponse as an email software also split test two pages to see, which one performs better. There are alot of integrations like payment gateways(PayPal, Stripe and more). For email also(Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and many more.)

It has some more features, that you can take advantage of, but the best thing, you can do it to try it out, it has a freel trial, so you can make your decision, if it is for you or not.


GetResponse is mainly know and used as an email marketing software. For example, you can build email campaigns, cool designed emails, structured nicely. No matter, if you are experienced or inexperienced marketer, you can build a whole workflow of different email campaigns, automating and setting them the way you like.


Newsletters, Autoresponders, Automated emails, Segment-specific sends, perfectly timed emails and Automated blog digests are part of the email marketing features, that GetResponse offers.

As we mentioned, it is not only email features based, you can build a beautiful landing pages, that are optimized for sales, generating leads and also mobile optimized as well as the Clickfunnels are also optimized mobile.
You can also add an countdown timer on your pages, so you can increase the sales.

With GetResponse, you can also build webinars where you can sell and promote your skills or show something informative to people. Again, you can set the webinars to run at certain time or live webinars whatever you like.

I don’t say that the one is better than the other, but Clickfunnels is more used for the funnel things and the other things that, we mentioned, while GetResponse is more used for email purposes. In fact GetResponse is one of the most used Email Marketing Softwares.

You will be able to try both, as they have free trials.

Clickfunnels vs GetResponse

clickfunnels vs getresponse
getresponse versus clickfunnels

✅ Templates and a lot of great templates, some of which are free
✅ A lot of funnels(sales funnels, webinars)
✅ A lot of pages(landing, opt in etc)
✅ Multiple domains.
✅ Multiple payment gateways
✅ Funnel hacker forum
✅ Free Trial
✅ Free courses and videos, whcih will guide you to start using Clickfunnels.
✅ Follow up Funnels.
✅ Funnel Flix training.
✅ Order form and order form confirmation.

✅ Very affordable price like $15 till 100 subscribers.
✅ Email Marketing
✅ Autofunnel
✅ Landing Pages
✅ Marketing Automation
✅ Webinars
✅ Autoresponders
✅ Free Trial
✅ 24/7 Customer Support
✅ Free videos, that will introduce you to get started.

Although both Clickfunnels and GetResponse offer a lot of similar features, Clickfunnels is mostly used for Funnel building purposes, webpages, webinars etc.

GetResponse on the other hand is used most of the time for as email marketing software purposes, although you can build kind of the same things with it like Clickfunnels, but more limited. But, you can try both of them by clicking the links to the trials above and make up your own decision.

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