Clickbank University 2.0 Review

If you are wondering how, you can make money online there are already too much ways, you can do it some of them legit others not, but anyway.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote a product, which you doesn’t own, you don’t deal with customer support, you just simple bring traffic to it and receive a comissions, if it get sold.

You can also be a vendor, which can be very lucrative and profitable, but then you have to deal with the other things like support, the landing pages and a lot of other things.

When you are a vendor, you simple get your digital or physical product to a certain affiliate network like clickbank, in which most of the products are digital, but there are also physical and then affiliates promote it for you and you give them a percentage or a certain amount of money.

A lot of people experience problem with making money online and in general in life, because they don’t stick to what they do and give up very quickly.

Lets take a look at the digital marketing course about affiliate marketing, which helped me to leave my 9-5 job.

What Is Clickbank University ?

It is a digital marketing course made by clickbank themselves, which teaches you how you can get started to your journey of making money online with affiliate marketing online and in particular with the affiliate network clickbank made by clickbank themselves.

It’s purpose is to teach you a lot of things like how to do your own product, which can be digital, physical, but most of them are digital. It can be a software, singing, sports, health and fitness or any niche you are passionate about or you want to create a product in.

In this case you are the vendor(owner of the product) and when other affiliate marketers promote your product and get a sale, you give them a comission, which can be a percentage or certain amount.

University Of Clickbank Review

The other thing, which you will be taught is to be an affiliate, which is also profitable. Promoting other people’s products and they give you a comission in this case, if you make a sale.

Both ways are very good ways to make money to be honest and there are people who make milions of dollars from both methods. You will learn how to get the traffic to your products too, which is the most important step, because, if you don’t have traffic, you don’t have business, it’s simple as that.

Affiliate marketing is a great way, because it is always a win win situation for the two sides. If you are an affiliate, you don’t have to deal with a lot of things like the support and a lot of ther things for the product, you just bring the traffic and make comissions. On the other side, if you are a vendor, you don’t have to worry about the traffic, if you have affiliates, who promote it for you.

Maybe, you are wondering, why clickbank made this course. It’s simple. Because if you don’t make money, they don’t make too. So it’s again a win win situation. That’s why they decided to teach people how ot make it properly in order for you to achieve financial freedom and for them too.

Who Are The Creators ?

Justin is an digital entrepreneur who has earned a lot of money with affiliate marketing and clickbank in particular and still does, adventurer, and just someone who wants to help you be more successful in life.

He has been part of ClickBank’s official educational training platform that teaches 20,000 digital entrepreneurs how to succeed.

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz from Clickbank University

At Age 17 Adam had the number 1 selling product on ClicKBank grossing over $1,000,000 in 7 days. So he can defenitley teach you like Justin how to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Overview Of Clickbank University

Clickbank University 2.0 has multiple components:

  • CBU training videos
  • Question and Answer
  • Forum
  • Expert Interviews
  • Copywriting Guide
  • Market and Customer Research
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Crash Course
  • Buy & Sell Online Business (featuring Empire Flippers)

There is a lot of value, you can learn from the digital Entrepreneur Justin.

The Clickbank University Videos:

Vendor Training

Vendors create digital or physical products. The section is separated into 12 weeks.

  • Week 1 – How Everything Works and Setup for Success
  • Week 2 – Finding your Perfect Product
  • Week 3 – Creating your Avatar
  • Week 4 – Course Content Creation
  • Week 5 – Your Perfect Upsell to Maximize Sales
  • Week 6 – High Converting Sales Copy
  • Week 7 – The “Easy” VSL
  • Week 8 – Finalizing Your Product via Builder, etc
  • Week 9 – Getting up on Clickbank
  • Week 10 – JV managing
  • Week 11 – Split Testing
  • Week 12 – How To Scale

Affiliate Training

Affiliate marketers promote vendor’s product and earn a commission every time they sell.

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing on CB
  • Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 3 – Finding your passion
  • Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
  • Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver
  • Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe
  • Week 7 – The Email Blueprint
  • Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding
Clickbank University Dashboard


Very often problem, which affiliate marketers is getting the traffic. No matter if it is organif traffic or paid traffic, if you don’t have the traffic in front of the right people, you don’t have business, it’s simple. They will cover 3 traffic sources:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Clickbank University Forum

You will get access to the Clickbank University forum where you can help each other with other students.

Expert Interviews

The expert interviews are interviews from well-known successful entrepreneurs . These interviews will teach you the right mindset and what you have to sacrifice in order to become a successful entrepreneur yourself.

Does The Course Work ?

You can see results from people passed the University Course of Clickbank:

clickbank earnings

These below are my results for a short period of time:

clickbank university my results earnings

Some Reviews from people used and sitll using the course:

On my way to releasing my own product

“I got really excited to find CB University a few months ago because one of my dreams this year was to create my own products instead of just promoting other people’s products. I’m glad to say that I’ve been taking action on my own product and I’m on my way to work on releasing my own new product very soon. Thank you Justin and Adam for what you guys do. Very inspirational to see both of you create a platform like this to help other people live their dreams. That’s exactly what I ultimately want to do as well. Taking that step one step at a time. Thank you!”


So grateful and thankful

“I am investing in myself, I have been wanting to start a online business for over two years, so that I can create the lifestyle I have always dreamed of having and have a better life for myself. CBU is the tool and is going to help me launch my life and have my new beginning. I am soo grateful and thankful, for a new start. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Thank you Justin and Adam!!!”


Is Clickbank University Worh It ?

If you are wondering how much it does cost. The price of Clickbank University is $47, so it doesn’t cost much at all.

Clickbank is an legit affiliate network since 1999, so it is not a scam, because there are a lot of people, which are literally making milions with it by promoting other people’s products or being a vendor, which is to upload your own product their and other affiliates to promote it, then you give them a comission.

That’s why Affiliate Marketing is a very great business model. So I personally think that it is worth the money.

Conclusion About The CBU(Clickbank university)

✅ Course By The Most Trusted high-converting digital and some physical products retailer.
✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✅ Make Money or You Don’t Pay
✅ Friendly customer service and community
✅ You will be taught by successful like Justin entrepreneurs and others.

❌ If you don’t take action and you are not ready to dedicate yourself to the course, you most likely will not have results.

Take action, if you want to succeed in digital entrepreneurship with the business model affiliate marketing, if your purpose is to enjoy the freedom and leave your 9-5 job or you just want to have a side income 🙂!

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