ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review

There is no secret that one of the most profitable ways to make online is affiliate marketing.

Even some of the richest people in the world have started with affiliate marketing, because, you can earn a lot of money with it. It can be your full time business or you may want an extra income apart from your job.

Of course there are a lot of ways to make money online like freelancing, taking surveys, micro jobs and a lot more, but the best thing about affiliate marketing is that once, you built everything up, then it will become passive in the longterm with the right strategy.

So it’s a great business model, which is worth learning it and implementing it most importantly, because if you don’t take action, nothing is gonna happen. The best thing is that a lot of ways are available for promoting products, that can be digital, physical and collect commissions for this.

Or you can do your own product and other affiliates promote it for you and you give them a commission, then you are the vendor(owner) of the product. Both ways are very profitable and that’s what the course, we are gonna review is all about.

What Is Clickbank ?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network ClickBank has been established in the 1998 and it has built a lot of trusts over the years. The company has already around more than six-million clients worldwide and Clickbank has became the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. ClickBank is a subcompany of Keynetics Inc, and it it one of Idaho’s largest held technology companies.

ClickBank has been founded in San Diego, California in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber. In 2011, the site had attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, approximately 100,000 of whom were designated as ‘active’ at any given time.


In 2014, ClickBank has reached more than six-million clients and distributes in around 190 countries and has a presence mobile commerce across a wide variety of lifestyle categories. In the same year another thing, ClickBank handled approximately 30,000 transactions daily and still does even more daily.

ClickBank is one of the best platforms for digital goods and services between digital content creators who are known as vendors and affiliate marketers, who on the other site promote them to consumers. ClickBank does work with an affiliate network which helps vendors in building visibility and revenue generating opportunities, so you can do the same by taking the course..

Back in 2011, it has available over 46,000 individual products to its affiliate marketers, and provided services in over 200 countries.

What Is Clickbank Breaks The Internet ?

Clickbank Breaks The Internet consists the following things:

Clickbank University Premium

Clickbank Breaks The Internet Review

ClickBank University is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to make money with ClickBank with multiple ways:

  • You can create digital products and offer them through the ClickBank marketplace to other affiliates to promote it and you give them a commission, that can be a % or a certain amount.
  • The other way is the promote the products of other people and receive a commission for that.

Both ways are very profitable.

Clickbank University Review

ClickBank Builder Software

The second thing you get is a software that has been created created by ClickBank . It will benefit you with drag and drop. You can use it to develop marketing and sales funnel website to offer your own digital products on the web. It can quickly be included with the CB marketplace.

You can take advantage of this software to make and promote products as an affiliate.

3) Automated Webinar Funnel Software

This webinar software will craft automatic webinar funnels, so you can promote ClickBank products.

If you want more control Clickbank, the best thing you can do is to get access to the resources and details from them.

A lot of affiliates make six figures per month and some even more. The best thing is to have automated software like this funnel software, because you will save a lot of time, so you can focus on other things for this time.

The Biggest Clickbank Event Of The Year

Clickbank Breaks The Internet biggest baddest boldest event of the year

Justin And Milana From Clickbank University

Justin One of the founders and head of ClickBank University also started out as a beginner on Clickbank just some years ago, exactly like you.

His companies have been featured on business insider, CNN money, Yahoo Finance. He’s been in a documentary that premiered in Hollywood and showcased the world of online income earners. Been flown out to the white house and nameda top 100 young entrepreneur in the USA.
And of course has generated millions on ClickBank as a vendor and an affiliate.

But how did Justin get started?
He started as a simple affiliate.
As a vendor you go through the trouble of creating products and getting
joint ventures and customer service and writing sales pages, and all that
jazz… as an affiliate you can simply promote other people’s products for 75% and UP of the sale?

Justin and Milana Clickbank

At the time, it made little sense to for him to be a vendor. And it made a
LOT of sense to just send traffic to affiliate offers and bank some easy

So how did he first start earning money?
It was on YouTube recording these little videos about a product on
ClickBank, kind of like a review and ask people to click the link for offer he
was reviewing through an affiliate link after they watched the video.
And he’d get paid! Just like that.
And the more videos he did, the more affiliate commissions he’d earn.

He’d make anywhere from up to $100 to up to $500 on some days! It
wasn’t consistent, but it was easy money. It showed the power of generating
an online income. It opened up the dream of what was possible. When you
start making your first hundred dollar days you’ll get that same feeling of
excitement and motivation for the future.
One video he made promoted a FarmVille course. Do you remember that
game on Facebook? People had digital farms… and guess what they were
willing to pay for information on how to improve their digital farm… It was
incredible. He made something like up to up to $5,000 off that one video!

That was a good one.
It’s wonderful when you catch the wave of a new product and you get
carried along by the popularity. Years later, he still got commissions off it.
Yet, we know there have always been incredible roadblocks to online success.
We know first hand about these. We hear from students every day who are
part of ClickBank University about their struggles and pitfalls.
And we know you know them all too well and they can be pretty discouraging.

Before you know it you’re facing self doubt and loss of enthusiasm–even
though you’re on the road to financial freedom.
If you’re thinking, “There’s GOT to be a better way!”
There is – ClickBank is launching something incredible. It promises to
change the lives of affiliate marketers and publishers everywhere.
This is your invitation. Not just an invitation to participate on the webinar, but an invitation to change your life…

My Results With Clickbank

As you can see on the image below, these are my earnings for only 6 days with clickbank after I took The Clickbank University Course which is the previous version of the Clickbank University course and the results are just when I started implementing the things I learned in the course and they are pretty consistent.

clickbank earnings results

Does Clickbank Breaks The Internet Work ?

Well, there are a lot of proofs of people who are students of the Clickbank University and are getting very good results. Some of the people even already earn millions as a vendors and affiliates after taking the course. You saw my results above and we are gonna take a look at some more proofs.

Furthermore Clickbank by itself has paid millions and on average it pays around half a million per day on average. Another fact is that Clickbank is established in 1998 and they are proven one of the best affiliate networks and the training is made by them.

Getting Clickbank Breaks The Internet will help you to make money faster, because the course is provided by them and they are the ones who know the best how you can make money the fastest way possible.

Let’s check some other success stories and proofs of Clickbank students:

Jeng Carreon Cua

Most online marketers are to make money or victmzed by this
•shiny object syndromes”, I’ve been there myself especially when you give
up your monthly paycheck quitting your job. I was lucky enough to
of a multi•miion dollars MAINSTREAM business startup totally
scratch one in Vietnarn and one in Thailand, but bLiIding a brick & rnortar
business needs HUGE capital while building an online business you just
need right framework and yw real
money with automation 2417.
I am stil in the Of my product I am so grateful to see
Veat results along my way. TNnk Of your situation 2-3 years from
what you need is to embrace the short term inconveniences Ot learning
that will give you a term conveniences to design your future! I
promise you it will work for you.

Clickbank University Premium Review

Another results of mine, as you saw above, not right above, but the image above the previous one, my proofs for 6 days for July, those are some of the results from August, as you can see they are a little bit higher than those from July, because I wanted to learn everything from the Clickbank University.

I personally think that it is a very good investment, because you can implement the knowledge in other niches and affiliate networks too and of course the other things you get along with the Clickbank course, we mentioned.

Clickbank Universirt Daily sales snapshot

You can see another success student:

Ajay Verma

The proofs of succeeding are countless. If you want to make that happen, you have to take action, if you always overthink and don’t take you most likely will not be successful no matter what you wanna try to do.

Conclusion about Clickbank Breaks The Internet

ClickBank Breaks The Internet Special: Get Unlimited Access To.:

Unlimited Access To “Break the Internet” WebinarX Software System: Earn up to $1,000 commissions like the pros!

“Break the Internet” Essential Training Videos: You’ll know exactly what to do…

Proven Money Making Webinar Offers: You’re ready to go without a product or site and have top level marketing already done for you…

Webinar HQ Platform and Hosting: You won’t even pay those “usual” extra costs…

Unlimited Access To ClickBank University Premium: The only and best training you’ll ever need… (save $1,000s on membership costs)

The Ultimate Webinar Case Study: Learn our exact behind-the-scenes strategies that have brought in 8-figures…  

Members Only Private Forum: A powerful community that’s got your back and on the same journey as you…  

52 live Q&A Office Hours: Never get stuck and ask them anything every week for 1 year…

Matt O’Connor’s ClickBank Copywriting Guide: Know what to say to get people to buy from you in droves…  

ClickBank Market Research Course: Multiply your earnings by knowing what your customers desire… 

Expert Interviews: Massive motivation and advice so you’re pumped up the entire way…

Secret bonuses: Like… huge $ contests on their members only workshops every week!

Live Chat, Phone, and Email Support: You will always have them behind you if you need them. Through ups and downs they will be always there for you.

And even more: They are dedicated to your success 100% of the way!  

Just try it. You have nothing to lose, except to make your own online business and leave your 9-5 job, have freedom or for whatever purpose you, you also get 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

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