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Welcome to this review of addResponse!

If you have ever dealed wih fb ads or instagram, there is no way you haven’t dealed with spammers and people who are trying to completely destroy your ads in a very bad ways.

That’s what the addResponse is focused on. Not only the spammers, but people who also put links in your ads and trying to steal your customers and a lot more.

So at the end of the day, some people might end up buying the cheaper product, which they offer, they might have made a bad image of your product or ad or just spamming. That’s why it’s very important to have ads that are free from such bad tactics that may dissapoint you and even make you give up in some cases.

AddResponse will take care of all of these things plus a lot more, so you will have ads with massive ROI, more leads and sales for you, which is the most important thing.

AddResponse Overview

Vendor:Cyril Jeet
Launch Date:2020-Jan-28
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27-$47
Link To AddResponse:
Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus 
Niche:Social Media 

What Is AddResponse ?

addResponse will assist you, so you can get every sale and lead from facebook and Instagram ads. It’s a powerful artificial intelligence cloud-based software, from which you can manage all of your posts at all time and get rid of the dirt and anything that is not beneficial to you and your ads.

Any custom words, which youw ant to keep out and all comments with links. It’s a great powerful sentiment analysis AI engine, which will remove the negative comments, it learns continuously fromthe comments that gets and it keeps improving, gradually and you will get better results.

AI profiles your customers and recognizes what you don’t want and addResponse will manage the comments for your post ads, dark posts, posts that are not published. You are also able to create a sub accounts in addResponse for your team and staff, so they can hide, delete, ban proove or reply. You can manage the fb and instagram accounts and it’s 100% flexible as you are able to make it strict or easy as you wish.

addResponse Review

AddResponse is powered by a powerful AI engine will gradually learn from the comments and it will keep improving. You will only get positive results overtime, because the AI Profiles your customers and detect what you don’t want.

AI based comment filteration and management SAAS for Facebook and Instagram helps you get your instagram and fb ads perfect by getting rod of trolls, comment hijackers as well as automatic spam.

It will help you to Get Every Sale & Lead From Your FB & Insta Ad

If you have run ads on Facebook or Instagram other time, you may have dealed with it. The people who want to destroy your reputation and literally kill your ads.

The Creator Of AddResponse

Cyril Gupta stays behind addResponse. He is a creator of other powerful softwares, which solve different problems and automate your business.

Cyril Gupta Creator of AddResponse

One of his tools, that he has done is Videoseeder . It is a very unique video software, that has a lot of features. It is only one of the many softwares and tools that he has done. But in this one, we are reviewing AddResponse.

What Problem Will addResponse Solve ?

As we said trolls and people who are trying to kill your ads and they succeed to a certain degree.

  • Muppets who call you a scammer.
  • Twits who say it’s too good to be true.
  • Tweeblehead Comment jackers who put links to their offers in your precious comments thread.
  • Idjuts who publicize their Facebook pages and groups.
  • Plonkers who try to turn it into a dating thread.
  • Sods who start comparing to the competition.
  • Gits who say “it’s cheaper here” and drop a link.

The following problems above are common problems around the people who run FB ads and Instagram ads and I know it from my own experience as well.

Having an ad, which is full of spammy comments is not nice, also if they post some competitor, so they steal your sale and all that sort of stuff.

That’s why they’ve developer AddResponse for this purpose, so it can help the you fix all of these problems, not to mention the other things you usually deal with, like support, refunds and stuff like that. So it’s a big advantage to have such a tool to have some advantage over the situation.

So it will remove all of the things above and you can get rid of all the negativity around it and enjoy your new ads, that get you leads and sells consistently.

addResponse OTOs ,Upgrades

addResponse Pro – $67

  • 4x the Facebook pages
  • 4x the Instagram profiles
  • Processes 10x the comments
  • AI customization feature
  • Team access
  • Commercial License
  • Readymade sales page to get clients
  • 2 years of free upgrade

addResponse Agency – $97

  • When you buy the agency you can sell addResponse as your product.
  • If you use their funnels and you will be able to keep 100% of
  • the profits.. You will also get a readymade sales
  • page to in order to help you sell immediately.

Crediresponse Pro – $67

Amazing autoresponder made for Facebook comments which has helped and still does help people to generate a lot sales and leads for you.

Sitecontact Pro – $47

Really good messenger list-building and marketing SAAS (software as a service )with which you will be able to build your list on Facebook and then sell to them.

How Does AddResponse Work ?

There is nothing complicated related to addResponse. It can be used from beginners, advanced marketers.

But let me show you some of the basic usage of addResponse

AddResponse Dashboard. From here you can navigate some of your information along with the things on the left menu.

addResponse dashboard

addResponse Accounts. From here you can manage your acconts, add new accounts either fb or instagram.

addResponse accounts

View All Post . Here you can see the posts of your fb page, you have selected.

Ğ°ddresponse posts

Held Comments. From here you can have control of the held comments. They are held according to the rules, which have been set. You have the option to delete them, reply, held or view all the comments of the certain post.

held comments

Approved Comments. You can see your approved comments and have control over them too. You can reply to the comemnts form here. You see the comments of all your fb accounts or instagram accounts are being displayed here.

approved comments

Reply Templates. You can make your own templates inside of addResponse. You can make a template for all accounts or only for certain.

reply templates

Personalized Shortcodes

personalized  shortcodes

Adding a New Template

adding a new template

addResponse Rules. Here you can add different rules for every page. For example, when a certain text has been posted in your comments, the comment will get held, so you can review it. In this example, below if the word “Glibbly” is written by someone in your posts of the certain page/pages you have shown, the comment will get held.

addresponse rules

AS you can see addResponse is made in a way, so you can handle everything in a very good way for you. On the other hand, you will save a lot of time.

You can take a look below how does exactly work.

Bonuses You Will Get, If You Buy addResponse through my link

In order to receive the bonuses contact [email protected] and I will give you link to the bonuses till 24 hours. Make sure, that you have bought the product.

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Conclusion About AddResponse

If you want to achieve the perfect Facebook & Instagram ads by eliminating all of the harmful things, that people usually do on ads, when you don’t have such a tool like AddResponse, then it is for you.

On the other hand, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is there for you, so you have nothing to lose.





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  • You Will Receive My Bonuses With addResponse!
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • One Of A Kind Software.
  • AddResponse Will Help Your Ads To Use Their Full Potential.
  • More Leads & Sales.

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